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  • PUBLIC MINT: 3pm - Sellout (1 max per wallet)

You can mint from here, the contract, or the niftykit link. We encourage you to verify that the only permission we are asking for is a mint or claim function.We will NEVER ask to set approval for all.

Series 01


384 traits
10k collection (Only 300 set aside for promotion)
ERC721A Smart Contract Through Nifty Kit
100% free mint
VIP List 2x wallet guaranteed
Public Sale 2x wallet max
25% to charity, 10% creator fees
Transparent Financials
Doxxed Creator
Tiny Crimes by Tiny Opossums Storyline

Tiny Punk Opossum Project

Tiny Punk Opossums is a cc0 project, inspired by NFT greats like CryptoPunks, Tiny Dinos, Weird Whales, and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Our main utility is helping others. In series one 25% of all proceeds and creator fees are donated directly funding a nonprofit lyme disease treatment foundation.All future series of tiny opossum NFT's will also donate to lyme disease patients in their fight against lyme disease and other tickborne infections. Opossums are our warriors against ticks, as they make up a large part of their diet. They help protect us from tickborne illnesses just by being themselves. Therefore they are the perfect face of this NFT philanthropy project.


Tiny Punk Opossums is a cc0 project that is inspired by charitable giving and cute pixels.

Series 1
10k collection, unique minting rewards, community generation. Donations to lyme treatment foundation. For financial breakdown see the financial section below.
Series 2
Omnichain nft collection, with events that will never reduce the collection but increase the rarity using the Tiny Dino Summer Collection model. Community driven, Community Voted direction, choose your own adventure style, via snapshot for holders.
1. A cc0 mashup (Nouns, Cryptoadz, etc)
2. Derivative (Mutant, Space, Ai, 0x, breeding utility, etc)
3. Some other utility the community would prefer such as staking, battles, on chain upgradeable morphing collection, and more.
Series 3
1. Dao establishment, with potential for nouns style auction platform for continual revenue to fund the Dao.

Financial Transparency

We have a payment splitter set up that auto splits all revenue that comes in through this smart contract, and distributes them to the wallets below. All fees will be split in perpetuity in the same percentages as the project was established. All wallets will stay the same and be viewable on etherscan.Splitter Address: 0x83D41f27304E57A4D8247243F3e4C137cAFaddda

Charity Wallet


We will either establish a non profit or partner with the giving block to match our donations and promote a pre established non profit that is funding Lyme disease treatments. The wallet will not be touched until that is decided upon completely.

Creator Wallet


A majority of my personal creator fees go to funding my own Lyme recovery treatment which I’ll document on tik tok transparently as well. I will begin creating an archive of reputable lyme disease resources and what to do ifs that the community will benefit from should they or a loved one ever have to go through this experience. This will also spread awareness of a disease that is vastly under studied, under funded, and under diagnosed.

Project Wallet


The funds will be used towards marketing and awareness campaigns, floor sweeps, and development. Depending on what the community votes on and the requirements of the backend, we will hire developers to assist in making that happen. There is also contingency in case any other positions of necessity pop up.

About the Team

Hi I'm Oliver, the founder of Tiny Punk Opossums. I'm an artist with a BFA, who's been sick with Lyme disease for over 10 years. I've been a graphic and web designer by trade since college and I used to make performance art and sculpture until I got too sick. When I stumbled upon the crypto and nft community last year I realized I might just be well enough to make digital art and find a great community here. Creativity and art brings me so much joy, and I hope these tiny punk opossums make you smile as much as they do for me.I got formally diagnosed with Lyme disease 3.5 years ago and have spent almost 2 of those years hooked up to an IV antibiotic bag, through a Picc Line for the first year, and now a chemo chest port. Because I had it for so long without knowing, it invaded most of the systems of my body. As a result, I have severe chronic pain, chronic fatigue, nerve damage, neurological damage, POTS, dysautonomia, bartonella, babesiosis, lyme disease, fibromyalgia, non specific autoimmune disease, and several others. All were caused by the lyme and other tick borne bacteria. I'm wildly in medical debt and because I have such resistant bacteria and so many different infections (over 8) I need very specialized treatment. By the end of this project, I will be able to afford my own treatment, be mostly debt free, and also help others get their treatment, which is honestly a dream for me.Lyme disease treatment is costly and not covered by insurance in the USA leaving most physically and financially devastated. By the time someone reaches remission (if they ever can) it's 6 figures on average. I'm one of the lucky ones who caught it before I lost the ability to walk or needed an organ transplant, and I've been lucky enough to also be able to work enough to keep myself afloat. I hope this project will help to bring awareness to a devastating disease and help others get the treatment they need much quicker than I have been able to so they can live a better and healthier life.

Story Time


At the time of creation, crypto is in a slump, we’re on year 2.5 of a global pandemic, there’s war, political uprising, loss of rights, and more happening globally. It’s been a fucking hard time and to be honest we all need a good laugh.Each opossum has their own crimes, some cute, some serious. Others are social commentary and yet others still are laughing at the crypto community itself. There’s something for everyone and hopefully you have a good giggle when you see such a cute little opossum guilty of such absurd crimes. Don’t worry though no one’s going to jail anytime soon.

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